I regularly purchase Coles and WISH Gift Cards to help me stay on budget and I sometimes give my teenagers gift cards to use instead of cash!

C. Crees

My family have been regular users of API since joining in 1982 and have enjoyed travelling with API Travel since ‘96’. Personal service and the ease of access to travel knowledge are two key areas that come to mind when I think of API Travel.


I purchase Coles and WISH Gift Cards from API to help save on my groceries and I also use the Woolworth Gift Cards to save on my fuel when I fill up at Caltex Woolworths petrol stations. The 5% saving I receive upfront when buying the Gift Cards certainly adds up over the year.

D. Maguire

I needed a new iPhone and a friend of mine suggested that I also join API and take advantage of the Apple Purchase Program on the API website. The saving I received was significant and I was very happy with my new iPhone arriving with seamless effort and I received the CASHBACK saving into MY ACCOUNT on the API website.

T. Brown

Our family purchase WISH Gift Cards every fortnight and save 5% every time we buy our groceries and fuel, over the year our saving adds up to well over $1,000 – going straight back in our pocket! Our API membership quickly pays for itself.

C. Patterson

Easy, effortless and instant…at a $10 per ticket saving, we purchased our Gold Class tickets online at the API website, pre-booked our seats and jumped the queue at the box office, a great experience all round…and the movie was good too.

G. Shaw

We are using our API membership very regularly. We purchase discounted Coles eGift cards for buying groceries every week and also buy WISH eGift Cards (Woolworths) for buying things such as fuel and alcohol. It is working out very well and easily off sets the membership fee.